RM-DF11 High Speed Hair Dryer

Product Description


Advantages introduction

• 360 magnetic ironing tuyere apparatus with anti-scald function making all kinds of hairstyles at will available, and part style also possible while fast dry(optional)

• Double-layer structure and low surface temperature on tuyere apparatus to have thermal insulation effectively

• Famous brand DC motor with high torque and high speed bringing airflow speed 6cm≥11m/s and blasting capacity>12L/s for fast dry

• Low noise, with noise silencer(optional)

• Overheating protection device making the hair dryer automatically power off in the case of overheating, thus giving you safe and carefree user experience

AOLGA High Speed Hair Dryer RM-DF11(white)

• 2 wind speed options, 3 temperature controlled options

• Anion care(optional) releasing anion of high concentration to eliminate static electricity and leave the hair smooth and healthier

AOLGA High Speed Hair Dryer RM-DF11(gray)


360 magnetic anti-scald nozzle:
• Dry hair quickly and gently, and care for your hair and scalp
• Softer airflow, lower temperature, and excellent drying speed
• Caring for fine hair and sensitive scalp
• Steady air temperature helps prevent the fading of dyed hair caused by high temperature
• Without the nozzle, the airflow is doubled and the airflow is concentrated at a high speed
• With the nozzle, the direction of the airflow can be changed, so smoother and more concentrated airflow can nourish hair to be less shag

The high-speed hair dryer has strong airflow:
• non-high-temperature dry hair, and dispersed airflow, which has not high-temperature damage and is more friendly to the scalp.
• While for other ordinary hair dryers, too small air volume, too high temperature, and the violent drying will easily damage the scalp, causing dry scalp and dry hair.

Diffused high-speed air blowing cares for the delicate scalp and strong hair roots:
• The high-speed digital motor blows out a strong high-speed airflow, quickly blows water drops, and dries the scalp and hair. The air outlet allows the airflow to blow out in a diffuse manner, bringing large but not violent airflow, better caring for the delicate scalp and strengthening the hair roots.
• The diffused airflow increases the contact area with the hair, improves the drying efficiency, and reduces the pressure of the airflow on the hair.

Thermal safety protection for overheated motor:
•The overheat protection switch is installed on the heating wire mica piece bracket, composed of a bimetal moving contact and a single metal static contact. When overheating, the bimetal is bent and deformed by heating to disconnect the heating wire loop, and the heating wire stops heating, thereby playing a protective role, due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the two metal sheets pressed together.



Hair Dryer with De-noising Magnetic Ironing Tuyere Apparatus






Metallic paint


360 magnetic ironing tuyere apparatus and anti-scald nozzle; high torque and high speed;  double-layer structure and low surface temperature for thermal insulation effectively; 6cm ≥ 11m/s wind speed; 12L/s greater air volume; 22000r/min±1500 motor speed; 2 wind speed options; 3 temperature controlled options; spray oil (through paint) surface; overheating protection

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Optional Accessories

360 magnetic ironing tuyere apparatus; Noise silencer; Anion care